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Outdoor School

Students from Marjorie Mills Public School were provided with the opportunity to take part in a unique outdoor education experience. During the first two weekends of November, a select group of students had the opportunity to spend a night on an active trap line.

Students that wished to be considered for the opportunity were required to complete an application that outlined why he, or she wanted to be a part of this alternative learning experience. Five girls and five boys were selected to participate in the two-day exploration where students were involved in various outdoor activities.

November 25, 2015 Issue # 6-4The trapping cabin is located approximately 45 minutes northeast of Longlac, and is accessed only by a 3 km hike off a forestry service road. The trap line is operated by Ed and Deanna Hoffman, who are a part of the MMPS parent community. They both enjoy trapping as a hobby, but earn their living working in the forestry industry.

Students had the opportunity to learn about forest management and utilized the tools of the trade to discover tree height and age. Students participated in checking/baiting traps, a water boil competition, geocaching, beading, skinning, and a mouse trap setting contest. A special thank you to Nicole Richmond, Aboriginal Liaison for the SGDSB for accompanying the girls during their trip.

Team Northern Ontario impresses at WKC

Team Northern Ontario has returned from the World Karate and Kick boxing Championships in Orlando Florida tired and sore, but also with medals and more importantly memories. The members of the team from Greenstone faired very well considering this was their first exposure to the WKC as well as new disciplines for some of the members.

November 18, 2015 Issue # 5-4Sensei Lynnea Zuefle took bronze in traditional forms 35+ and classic Kata 18+, 5th in hard style Kata 18+, 4th in traditional weapons 18+, and 4th in traditional weapons 35+. Due to health concerns Lynnea did not compete in her 2 fighting divisions but was so very pleased to be able to sit and coach the three students and have her game face on for them!

Devon Couch brought home a bronze medal in boys 70Kg light contact fighting while both Daniel and Alex both sit in the standings in the top 9. Brookelyn competed in girls 60 kg light contact fighting and placed in the top 7. In Team Fighting the Canadian Couch team placed for a bronze medal while Canadian Team Drouin placed for a silver medal. All in all a very impressive set of results for this team and truly has put Hachi-O-Kai Karate on the global map.

Sensei Lynnea is so very proud of her team. The dedication and training has led them to become world competitors and medalists! They all learned so much over the past months and brought it to the mats. They proved themselves to other coaches and made leaps of improvements since the Nationals. The team is looking to recruit more for the next years World class tournament. A HUGE thank you to all of the donations that helped make this journey affordable and successful. Thank you to the families, friends and employers who helped us along the way during our training for us to make time and sacrifices to make this adventure a reality.

Hachi-O-Kai members arrive in Orlando to compete at the worlds

The months of training are behind them, the weigh ins are complete and they are ready to compete!! Greenstone’s members of Team Canada have made the journey to Orlando to compete this week at the WKC 2015 World Championships. Opening Ceremonies were held Monday morning and competition will continue throughout the week with Closing Ceremonies and the Victory Party wrapping things up on Friday. Sensi Lynnea Zuefle was the first of the four to compete on Monday in kata, weapons and forms, making the finals in four of her events, classical kata, traditional forms, veteran weapons and traditional weapons.


Brookelyn Abraham, Devon Couch and Daniel Barrett all begin their competition in continuous fighting on Wednesday, with Devon and Danny competeing in team fighting on Thursday.


Updates and photos can be found on the WKC World Facebook page at and a live stream of the finals Friday night can be found on SMA-TV at or on their you tube channel at The team would once again like to thank everyone in Greenstone who helped make this dream a reality.


(GREENSTONE, ON) – Greenstone OPP is asking for the public’s help in finding the person(s) responsible for a theft in Nakina. On August 25, 2015 at approximately 7:00 a.m. the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Greenstone Detachment officers were called to investigate a Break, Enter & Theft that occurred at the Nakina Airport.
Unknown suspect(s) forced their way into the financial offices in the airport and made off with a large quantity of money.
The Break, Enter & Theft occurred sometime between 10:30 p.m. on August 24, 2015 and 6:30 a.m. on the 25 August, 2015.
Greenstone Officers along with assistance from the Northwest Region Crime Unit and Forensic Identification Unit are continuing their investigation.
If anyone has information on this incident, they are asked to contact the Greenstone O.P.P. at (807) 854-1333 or 1-888-310-1122 or Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (1-800-222-8477) or submit your information online at if you have any information on this crime. Make the call that helps us all. Your identity will remain anonymous and you could be paid a reward for information that helps solve this crime. You will not have to testify in court.

Suspicious fire in Geraldton

August 12, 2015 Issue #43-3



On Monday August 3rd, at approximately 2:30 am the Geraldton Station of the Greenstone Fire Department were dispatched to vehicle on fire in the driveway of a residence on the 900 block of First St. West, OPP where already on the scene evacuating the residents for the two adjacent homes.

Geraldton Suppression crews positioned themselves to protect the house from becoming involved while aggressively suppressing the fire that in the end, ended up engulfing both full size pickup trucks. Both trucks are complete losses while a compact car parked behind the first truck to catch fire suffered minor damage.

Both adjacent homes received minor damage as a result of the radiant heat of the fire, thanks to the aggressive and well placed sprays from the suppression teams the damage was essentially contained to melted siding, some burnt landscape bushes, and a few broken windows immediately in front of the trucks. Once the fire was fully suppressed both homes were thoroughly inspected by fire crews and deemed safe the residents where then allowed to reenter their homes.

The Fire is being treated as suspicious as a result the scene was secured by OPP to allow for a forensics investigation. The Greenstone Fire Department is assisting the OPP personnel in any way they can regarding this investigation.

Greenstone Fire Chief Brad Lemaich stated “I am very pleased with the job done by the Geraldton Station crews on this fire. Quick action in getting suppression lines established were key in limiting the damage to the two adjoining homes.”

New Name Revealed at 3rd Annual Community BBQ

August 5, 2015 Issue #42-3

During its 3rd Annual Community BBQ and after much anticipation, TCP GP Corporation, jointly owned by Premier Gold Mines and Centerra Gold, revealed the operating company’s new name. Greenstone Gold Mines was chosen as the new name. The company’s Board of Directors, Development Team members along with local staff were on hand to greet and host approximately 180 people at the Hardrock Road operations site, south of Geraldton.

“Greenstone Gold Mines is a proud member of the community and is pleased to be working with local stakeholders towards the development of the Hardrock Project”, stated Eric Lamontagne, General Manager of Greenstone Gold Mines.
read more…

Cliffs wins appeal over land easement with KWG

On July 30, 2014 an Ontario divisional court ruled on the June 16-17 appeal by Cliffs after the Ontario Mining and Lands commissioner denied Cliffs an easement for a road to reach its Ring of Fire chromite deposit(s) as the proposed rout would be over claims currently being held by KWG resources.

KWG has previously staked and held claims from Nakina North to the Ring of fire along a natural esker system which is the best and easiest route for making a north-south road to/from the Ring of Fire.

Cliffs contended that KWG is holding the companies in the Ring of Fire hostage by blocking that critical route. Cliffs has halted activity in the Ring of Fire after it launched the appeal last October.

The decision allowed the appeal and as such has set aside the Mining Lands Commissioners decision in September and granted the original application for an easement over the KWG claims. This ruling only allows for the application to proceed and in the end KWG will need to negotiate the conditions of the easement over its claims, but cannot with-hold consent. Basically a mining claim allows the claim owner to explore for minerals, however does not allow them to use the surface rights on those claims to block others from utilizing the surface rights for legitimate uses.

The final decision on allowing the easement is in the hands will be up to the Natural Resources Minister (Bill Mauro).

The ruling stated:

”Whether or not it is in the public interest to grant an easement for a road is a matter for the Minister of Natural Resources to determine, after an environmental assessment and consultation with First Nations and other affected interests. It is for the Minister to determine whether the easement should be granted in the public interest and on what terms. CCC (KWG) will be able to participate in that process.” And elsewhere: ”I would add that the issue being decided under s.51(4) of the Mining Act does not deprive CCC (KWG) of its ability at the next stage to oppose Cliffs’ easement application or to ask for conditions that would protect its legitimate interests in its mining claims.”



Claims map showing the KWG claims in relation to Nakina and the Ring of Fire



Ring of Fire route in question. (Proposed rail line or all season road) Follows a natural esker and has been staked by KWG resources.




Greenstone in the dark – Power outage affecting most of Greenstone region

Greenstone has been without power for approximately 12 hours (7PM July 21), with a potential restoration by 11AM   3PM July 22.

The outage covers from Beardmore to long lac with some isolated restoration underway.

This will have implications for travelling through the area as gas pumps require power so with an already sparse number of gas stations will be harder to refuel in the region.


Camp Loon 2014 is going to be the “best yet,” according to Captain Caryl Fletcher, the army officer commanding the Junior Canadian Rangers of Northern Ontario.

The camp is held in the bush on Springwater Lake, 50 kilometres north of Geraldton, and provides eight days of advanced training for about 160 Junior Rangers from 20 First Nation communities from across the Far North of Ontario. The program stresses safety on the land and water and in personal lifestyles and has been held annually since 2000. The camp’s opening ceremony is on Saturday, July 12 and it closes on Sunday, July 20. read more…

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