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Web Marketing

In todays world it is not enough just to throw a website online, today websites need to be marketed. In addition to we design/setup/hosting we also provide extensive web marketing options bot online and off to better get your website to the eyes you need.

We have numerous content websites which provide topical, relevant news and information for Northwest Ontario. From local News in Greenstone to Hunting and fishing websites for the region, we have the audience.

100,000 viewers a month and growing

Our Design and marketing philosophy

Web design is not just pictures and catchy text. Web design, at its core, is about usability by the viewer and the ability to be found/stand out in today’s vast ocean of websites.

Our web design is custom tailored to the site owners target audience.

From a vast archive of pre-designed templates we customize your online presence while always keeping the end goal in sight, to help your audience find you.

Content is King

Specializing in small to medium sized web presences utilizing the WordPress content management system, we can design what your customers/viewers need.

WordPress is inexpensive (free), secure and comes with every website we sell/design.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface.  All this without needing to know “web code” and with a little training (we supply), you can take full control of your website.

Content is what drives search engines to list/rank and display your website. By integrating and updating content on your website you will increase traffic.

Marketing starts with choosing a domain name, increases with web design and extends as long as the website is active.

Often forgotten in most web-design companies/people is the marketing. Marketing a website is what sets it apart in a sea of millions of sites competing for viewers/customers.

Marketing is constantly changing and adapting as new technologies and software come to the market. We track trends and apply the newest web site marketing methods to your website.

Utilizing proper web design techniques, mobile phone/tablet view-abilitysocial media integration as well as advanced search engine optimization techniques we can get your website seen and help grow your business.

We also offer integration within thetimesstar.ca and other content websites to help bring the the viewers to your site through a unique marketing tools and advertorials. Advertorials which can be integrated with print and online versions of  The Times Star and beyond.

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