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From Nakina… July 16, 2014

Greenstone Candidates List

If you live in Nakina, the upcoming fall Municipal Election will probably be about as exciting as toast, unless things change. Voters in each ward get to vote for mayor, their own ward councillor(s), and their applicable B of Education members. No one has come forward to oppose (inc.) Mayor Ron Beaulieu as of yet, nor has anyone challenged (inc) Nakina Ward Councillor Jay Daiter.

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From Nakina…

July One

A week and a bit after the actual day, Nakina can sit back and say to ourselves, well, we did it again! Threatening weather, and eventually some light rains, did absolutely nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of all participants and an army of volunteers….Nakina DOES love Canada Day! And that’s why people continue to come from all over Greenstone as well as former locals who return from other far away places. As the parade guy, we always have a couple entries I hadn’t planned on….always welcome…. and I try to thank everybody individually for taking part. If I missed you this year….”thank you!” So, here’s a tip of the “F/N” Canada ball cap to all who took part. See you again on July One 2015.

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From Nakina, June 25, 2014

Voting And Stuff

With the provincial election now history, we have another vote coming up this fall….Greenstone and many other Canadian municipalities will be choosing new mayors and councils, most of them for a fouryear term. However, if you live in Nakina….unless things change….you won’t have much decision-making to do come voting day.

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From Nakina, June 4, 2014

Commentary by Bob Rotz

Greenstone Votes

Here’s an update for the municipal fall election candidate’s list. Suzanne Brabant as been added to the Rural West Councillor names, joining incumbent Ron Melhuish in that ward. Also, two names to be added to the Board of Education list; Madeleine Owca for French Catholic and Sharon Arsenault for English Catholic. We’ll catch you up with a complete list of all candidates in a couple weeks.

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Letter to the Editor, May 28, 2014

Open Letter to All Candidates:

With the provincial election less than 3 weeks away, voters are thinking more closely about the services they receive from government for the taxes we pay. Those of us who are a little older, or who have elderly relatives or friends, or care for a family member with a disability will be particularly interested in the issue of health care.

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From Nakina, May 28, 2014

Rotz’s Southern Tour… .Update

It’s Friday May 23rd as I write this week’s column, coming to you from Newmarket, where our middle son resides with his wife and our grandson….it’s Day Two of our stay here. Now, Newmarket is not to be confused with Newcastle, where Miz. Jo and yours truly have just spent the past three days with our youngest son, his wife and three other grandchildren, as well as some long-tyme friends.

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From Nakina, May 21, 2014

Timing And Stuff

With regard to “From Nakina” deadlines and Rotz’s Southern Tour imminent, this is actually being written Monday May 12th, though it won’t hit the news stands until Wed May 21st. So, some of this is going to be ‘old news’ when you read it and Miz Jo and I will be half way through The Tour. Still lots to do before we pack, load and hit the road in good tyme Wed AM. and numerous items have yet to be scratched off the list. Or I should say LISTS! Hey, we’re getting there.

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Letter to the Editor, May, 14, 2014

Dear Editor,

The Conservative government has mismanaged the Temporary Foreign Worker Program so badly they have more than doubled its intake of temporary foreign workers (TFWs), admitting almost as many temporary workers to Canada as new permanent residents in 2012.

The end result has been fewer jobs for Canadian workers, the suppression of Canadian wages, and, in some cases, the exploitation of vulnerable foreign workers.

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From Nakina May 14, 2014


The LandMark Restaurant….

….opened it’s doors on the weekend at The Station in Nakina! Finally after seven months we have an eatery up here at the end of #584! Stopped by last week and John and staff were hard at work getting things ready to go, and with the Hydro One maintenance crew rolling into town, and Walleye Opening Sat May 17th (if the ice is out !) the timing is just about right. They’ll be open SEVEN days a week….Mon-Thurs 6:00AM to 8:00 PM….Fri-Sat 6:00AM to 9:00PM….Sundays 8:00AM to 8:00PM.

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Letter to the Editor- May 7, 2014

Dear editor,

After a career of railing against the Senate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper now says that we’re “stuck with the status quo”. Canadians don’t have to settle for this defeatism— there is a practical plan left to fix our broken Senate. Mr. Harper was reacting to a unanimous Supreme Court ruling that his proposed reforms would require constitutional amendments approved by at least seven provinces representing 50% of the population. Abolishing it would require the unanimous consent of all ten provinces. Canadians don’t want to open up the constitution for a long, rancorous debate with the provinces that would distract from solving their problems.

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