Experiencing great fishing doesn’t require a plane, years of exploring or even a boat. Nipigon offers some spectacular fishing without all the expense and travel.

5. Jackpine River, Lake Superior

20 minutes east of Nipigon is the Jackpine River. A fantastic steelhead river in the spring, it a wade-able, rubble bed river suitable for fly and float fishing. Multiple areas can be accessed right from the highway however if you have a truck you can drive right to the mouth of the River on Lake Superior. If not, it’s just a short 1.5 km walk (~1 mile).

Fishing on Lake Superior can yield any number of species with coaster Brook Trout and Steelhead being the more popular catches.

Jackpine River

Between the Alexander and Cameron Falls dams on the Nipigon River, there is a small bay where the brook from Fraser Lake (Our local hotspot for walleye) empties into the Nipigon River.

Here you can catch perch, brook trout, pike and even walleye. Located just beside and under the second Bridge up Cameron Falls road. 

3. Hurkett Dock

30 minutes west of Nipigon in the small town of Hurkett on Hurkett Wharf Road, a small wharf is all that remains of a once thriving commercial fishing port. Today it offers some spectacular views and opportunities for large Northern Pike,

Perch and even Smallmouth Bass.

A few derelict Lake Superior fishing vessels are usually present, and you can drive right to the wharf.

2. Stocked Lakes

Great fun for anglers of all ages

Throughout the Nipigon Region, there are numerous lakes which regularly stocked with Nipigon Strain Brook Trout, offer some great fishing opportunities. Some you can drive to, others may require a short walk and others may need a little more of a hike.

Brook Trout and Splake (A hybrid of Brook Trout and Lake Trout) in these put and take lakes can range from fingerlings to many pound adult fish. Stocked Lakes have the added advantage of no size restrictions and full limits available. All this and no pressure on our giants in the River.

The Dorion fish hatchery is the source of all these great fish, and you can even tour the hatchery, all you have to do is call them up and arrange a time.

1. Nipigon Marina

The Nipigon Marina offers abundant shore fishing from dock fishing on one of the multiple docks to the Black Bridge where the current regularly reverses from the Lake Superior “Tides”.

Casting lures and Jigflies from the rocky shoreline just below the Nipigon River Bridge allows you to get a taste for the full power of the river.

June and September see Lake Trout hunting the shorelines for food and spawning.

Giant Northern Pike are caught all year throughout the Marina.

Springtime Whitefish, Rainbow Trout and even Salmon frequent the shoreline.
Fall brings the Salmon and the Rainbow Trout into the river.

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